About Me

The beginning

Hi, my name is Artur and today I’m a professional photographer, but it wasn’t always like that. The passion for photography I carry in me since I was a teenager. I started working when I was 15. I did various kinds of jobs to be able to support myself. Everything changed with an incredible job opportunity in a factory. After years of working during the day and studying in the evening, I became the production manager. I have been doing this job for ten years, which has given me an extraordinary life with the opportunity to realize my greatest dream: to travel!

When I finally saved some money, I decided to go on my first long trip and then I decided to buy my first professional camera. Since then my life has changed!

The Statement

Looking at my photos, I was amazed, I couldn’t stop studying and analyze their colors and composition: what a satisfaction! Everywhere I went, I took my camera, I enjoyed documenting just about everything. Later I started studying photography in its technical aspects.

As I gained more confidence, I started to photograph people – for me this was a completely different level, a new chapter! My friends, people I knew so well – through my lens I discovered them all over again and for me it was magic! In portraiture, the most important thing is the eyes, the connection between the world and our soul. So my style was forming, I put together a way to tell the story in a reportagistic style with the eye of a portraitist!

The Decision

The real change came when I did my first couple photoshoot, they were pre-wedding shots. This completed me as a photographer and as an artist. Being able to tell a story, a love story, real feelings, was the most important thing in the world, I understood that this was my destiny!

When I photographed my first wedding I decided: this is what I want to do, this is what I have to do if I want to be true to myself. So I faced the hardest choice of my life! Although I had a steady job, with a stable future, I still decided to leave everything and dedicate myself to my true passion. I became a full-time wedding photographer! Thanks to all the people I photographed, to their encouragement, today I live my dream, my passion for photography. I couldn’t be happier! Who I am? I am an artist, I am a wedding photographer.

Wedding Photographer