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     “Love Story” – Couples Photoshoot, doesn’t matter if you are planning to get married, you already did or you don’t even think about it yet. What matters, are the feelings you have towards your partner! If you have the magic called love between you, you have it all! It doesn’t matter which place or time you choose… It can be the place of your first date, your romantic spot, your escape place or a crowded city center, what counts is your imagination and I’ll help you to create it! Otherwise, we can just be spontaneous! Sometimes spontaneous ideas are the best ones! The most important thing is that you’ll get great memories! These photographs will be eternal and each time you’ll be looking at them you will associate them with this intimate moment with your sweet half. Let’s pretend that life is a movie and we are living in it, frame by frame, let’s capture a few of them and allow them to live on forever! One image can say more than a thousand words. It can be the best gift for both of you as a couple!


Couples Photoshoot | Engagement Photos

Italy, Buonconvento, Spring 2020

Italy, Siena, Spring 2020

Italy, Parma, Autumn 2019

Italy, Verona, Autumn 2019

Italy, Langhirano, Autumn 2019