Elopement in
San Galgano

As a Tuscany wedding photographer, Although I have photographed a lot of lovely weddings, and elopements, the one them I shot on May 22nd, 2022, will always stand out to me as the most remarkable. The ceremony took place at the stately and extremely evocative Abbey of Saint Galgano.

On the day of their wedding, the bride and groom exuded pure joy and radiated it to everyone around them. As a wedding photographer, it is always a joy to capture moments of pure joy and happiness, and this couple had many of those to choose from throughout their big day. The love that they had for one another was tangible, and it shone through in every picture that I took of them. It was so lovely and moving to see the way in which they smiled at each other, held hands, and gazed at each other. The way in which they looked at each other was also really emotional.

The ceremony was a civil wedding, and it was a lovely and personal event for the few people who were there. The Abbey of Saint Galgano served as the ideal setting for the exchange of vows between the couple. The timeless stones, towering arches, and dazzling stained glass windows all contributed, individually and collectively, to the enchantment of the occasion. As the photographer for the wedding, I made it a point to get pictures of every little thing, including the bride’s outfit, the groom’s suit, the flowers, and the rings. The love and happiness that could be seen on both of their faces was the most crucial thing for me to capture.

Following the ceremony, we made sure to set aside some time to shoot wedding photos in the verdant surroundings that surrounded the Abbey. My job as a wedding photographer in Tuscany has given me the opportunity to work in some incredibly magnificent places, but the scenery that surrounded the Abbey was absolutely something else. The undulating hills, the wheat fields, and the historic stone walls all created the ideal background for some very breathtaking wedding photographs.

The bride and groom appeared to be having the time of their lives as we made our way to the location of the reception. It was very evident that they were thrilled to share this momentous occasion with their loved ones and close companions. Looking back on that beautiful wedding, I can’t help but feel grateful for the opportunity to have been the couple’s wedding photographer.

As a Siena wedding photographer, I feel truly lucky to have been able to capture the love and happiness of the bride and groom on their special day. The Abbey of Saint Galgano provided the perfect backdrop for their beautiful ceremony, and the lush green landscape around the Abbey made for stunning wedding photos.