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It is true that one image can actually tell more than a thousand words, imagine a video that is made up of well over a thousand photographs!

The images come to life, movement, music… Especially on this special day, a wedding video can tell the story in a very different way from photography. In my experience, photography is more intimate, while a video is more focused on action and movement. My workflow as a videographer doesn’t change much compared to when I work as a photographer.

I focus a lot on details and try to capture the most natural interaction between people, especially during preparations. I would say that this phase is more focused on family and loved ones, present during the dressing phase of the couple and a moment of suspense in telling a story of the wedding day.

The ceremony is the moment when the story becomes more dynamic and loud. After the ceremony, the stress begins to decrease for everyone, above all, you feel this explosion of joy inside, so this moment is the best to capture the married couple, getting away from the guests and creating more intimate moments.

The wedding reception, when everyone gets distracted, is the right time to get the awesome documentary footage (especially when the dancing part starts). I never miss any important moments, so I always stay active and focused. Your first dance, your wedding cake, I’ll have it all!

What is crucial for me is to capture your wedding story in the best, detailed and romantic way. Italy Wedding Videographer based in Siena, Tuscany.

italy wedding videographer

Italy Wedding Videographer