My Gear

My clients often ask what kind of equipment or software I use. We live in a time where everyone has a good camera in their pocket, action cams have become popular, like many new video applications we use for social media purposes.

Customers would like to know what they rely on, how “professional” the equipment is, what aspects it can cover and what qualities it can provide. For this reason I have decided to include this section to explain briefly which tools I use, so that I can satisfy all doubts.

my gear

As a photographer and videomaker, I use hybrid equipment for wide applications. In any case, both for video and for photographing I always use two Sony cameras and a third as a backup. For lenses, I always choose premium quality fixed focal length ones. I make aerial films or aerial photography with the drone. To get smooth video images I use a 3-axis stabilization gimbal. Often in video projects, to create a more cinematic result I choose the slider or tripod with a fluid head. To complement the work I use continuous led lights and various HSS flashes for photography if needed. To increase the quality of the video, without neglecting the audio, I use professional microphones.


Sony Alpha7 series cameras. To provide the best quality images, especially in low light conditions. As a wedding photographer, I need the best focusing system, which Sony can provide with its eye/face autofocus technology. For video making, Alpha7 cameras can provide 4K and 120p full HD footage. And on top of that, I really like the color science on these cameras.

Stabilize gimbal

For videography footage, I use the DJI Ronin S 3-axis stabilization gimbal to get the smoothest, most cinematic motion camera possible. While Camera B is usually placed on a tripod or handheld.


I like to provide the fullest possible image of the ceremony by also providing aerial shots. If so, I’m using DJI Mavic Air Drone. This small, quiet and agile drone can deliver 4K flat profile video to match my main camera as closely as possible.


I only work with the fastest fixed focal lenses, for some reasons such as low light, smoothness and bokeh. There are two brands that I rely on: the Sony and Sigma Art line which offers superior quality and sharp images. In my arsenal, I have a 35mm f1.4, 85mm f1.8, 20mm f1.8 and an absolute “bokeh master” – 105mm f1.4.


The high-performance desktop PC optimized for processing and exporting high-resolution movies. As software, I use the Adobe package, including PremierePro, Photoshop, Lightroom, and AfterEffects.

My gear...