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My Story

      Hi, my name is Artur, and I am a professional photographer… But it has not always been like that. I started to work since I was 15… In the beginning, I was doing varied kinds of jobs which could give some income to sustain myself. And then one day someone trusted me and gave me an amazing opportunity to work in their factory and after long years of hard work during the day and studying during the evening, I became the Production Manager of the same factory! That work which I did for 13 years gave me an amazing life and an opportunity to realize my biggest dream – Travelling! Years ago when I finally had some money and decided to go on my first long trip I also decided to buy my first camera.. since then my life has changed!

My first pictures… I was so amazed by them, I couldn’t stop looking at them, the colors, composition and that satisfaction! Since I took these first pictures, my new journey had started! Wherever I used to go I carried my camera, I loved to shoot basically everything! Then I started to study photography from the technical aspects. When I gained some more confidence, I started to click photographs of people, for me, it was a totally different level, a new chapter! My friends, people which I used to know so well, suddenly through my photography, I discovered their new side, for me it was magic! Being able to capture their soul! In portraiture, the most important thing is the eyes, the connection between the world and our soul! Then came gratification! All the people, when they saw pictures of themselves, and their reaction became so addicting to me! I was working 10-11 hours per day as an engineer but all the time thinking about my next shoot, my next dose of magic…

My First Picture
My First Wedding

But then the real change came when I did my first photoshoot of a couple-prewedding shoot. This, completed me as a photographer, as an artist, it was TELLING THE STORY, a love story, real feelings, but most important thing in the world – I realized this was my destiny! When I photographed the first wedding I decided – This what I want to do, this is what I have to do if I want to be true to myself! So, I faced the most difficult choice of my life! As a successful Production Manager, I decided to leave it all and give all into my real passion! I became a fulltime photographer! Thanks to all the people that I photographed, all their encouragement and all their gratitude! Today I live my dream, I live my passion every day and I couldn’t be happier!


Welcome to the story of my life.
Now you got to know a bit more about me and I can't wait to meet you!