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       If you find yourself in this section of my wedding photography, firstly, I would like to congratulate you on your upcoming ceremony! I hope I can be there with you and your sweet half and I’ll use all my resources, to give you the best memories in the form of my photography! It will surely be a very exciting moment for you, but rest assured, I do my best job! Preparations are as much an important part of the wedding day, like every other aspect! I concentrate on all the details and try to be as invisible as I can to capture most natural expressions and interactions between you and your loved ones! Finally, the long-awaited moment of the ceremony arrives! 

When the Ceremony starts I am usually very active, I cannot stand too long in one spot, so I switch very often my position and use both my cameras simultaneously, one with a short lens and the other with a long lens. Then, when you’re officially married and the whole stress around it starts to decrease and happiness starts to explode, then, you will actually notice that the photographer exists and the photo shooting will start! First, we will cover all the group pictures of family and friends… Then, what couples like the most – a moment for themselves just before the wedding reception! We’ll make some amazing post-wedding photoshoot, the real expressions of your love, for me that’s the real art! Trust me, I’m as excited as you are! Wedding reception – now you can finally sit down and enjoy the rest of the day, and again you will forget about me! I’ll proceed with the documentary about your lovely wedding. I’ll search with my lens meaningful moments and capture them to give you the best story!


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Italy, Parma, Autumn 2019

Italy, Verona, Autumn 2019