Wedding at
Villa Il Granduca

I love being a tuscany wedding photographer, because I get to see and capture the magic of love in one of the most beautiful places in the world. I have many stories to tell, but one of them is especially close to my heart. It’s the story of a wonderful couple who had their dream wedding in Villa Il Granduca, a charming and historic venue in the Tuscan countryside.

They wanted a wedding reportage in Tuscany, a style that suits my approach as a photographer. I don’t like to pose or direct, I just like to observe and document the real and natural moments of the day. They also loved warm tones and saturated colors, which were perfect for the Tuscan summer light.

I met them a few months before the wedding, and I was impressed by their personality and chemistry. They were so in love and so excited for their big day. I couldn’t wait to photograph them.

The wedding day was amazing, full of emotions and beauty. I followed them from the preparations, to the ceremony, to the cocktail hour, to the reception, and to the party. I captured all the details, the expressions, the interactions, and the atmosphere of their celebration. I also took some portraits and group photos, using the golden hour light and the stunning scenery of the villa and the hills.

It was a day to remember, and I was honored to be their tuscany wedding photographer. I created some photographs of wedding in Tuscany that they will treasure forever. They were a lovely couple, and I wish them all the happiness in the world. This was their most romantic and important day, and I hope I told their story well through my images.