Wedding in
San Galgano and Terre di San Galgano

As a Tuscany wedding photographer, I have had the honor of photographing a number of stunning wedding in San Galgano over the course of my career. The Abbey is a magnificent and evocative location that is steeped in history, and it was here that the event took place. The backdrop of the wedding ceremony was absolutely one of a kind thanks to the gothic architecture and the well-known sword embedded in the stone, and both of these things left me in amazement. As a wedding photographer in Siena, I was perfectly aware of how to seize both the physical beauty and the raw, human emotion of this breathtaking setting.

Following the ceremony, the reception was hosted in the Agriturismo Terre di San Galgano, a rural farmhouse that provides guests with a genuine flavor of the hospitality found in Tuscany. The couple and their guests delighted in a meal that featured authentic and native ingredients from the area, prepared in a manner that paid homage to the customs of the place. As a wedding photographer in Tuscany, one of my favorite things to do is capture the excitement and celebration of the wedding party as they raise a glass to the newlyweds and feast on the reception food.

My approach to wedding photography is rooted in storytelling. In my opinion, the finest wedding images are the ones that convey a narrative and convey what it was like to be there on a special day. I make a point to get to know each couple, both in terms of their personality and the way they imagine their wedding day unfolding. Because I take such a tailored approach, I am able to record the love story of each couple in a manner that is accurate to their individual sense of style.

I combine contemporary and traditional approaches in order to provide a timeless collection of photographs that the couple may treasure for the rest of their lives. The utilization of natural light and my attention to detail allow me to make photographs that are both breathtaking and genuine. As a wedding photographer in Tuscany, I am aware that every wedding is different, and it is my goal to be able to capture the feeling and the beauty of each moment in a way that takes the spectator back to the time and place of the wedding.

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Italy, I am a top choice. My experience and talent make me one of the best Tuscany wedding photographers around. If you are getting married in Chiusdino, Siena, or any other town or city in the region, I am confident that I will be able to record the splendor and feel of your big day in a way that you will be able to cherish for the rest of your life.