Wedding Photo Reportage at Siena – Abbey at Isola and Antico Granaio

Wedding Photo Reportage at Siena – Abbey at Isola.

Reception at the Antico Granaio, Monteaperti – Siena.

Wedding Photo Reportage at Abbadia Isola, between Siena and Monteriggioni. The I&E wedding ceremony at the Abbey of Saints Salvatore and Cirino. It was a beautiful religious ceremony, full of teachings on love and respect. After the ceremony, we had a small post-ceremony service around the Fortified Abbey. As the guests left for the venue, we got busy – 15 minutes of couple shots. Soon after we headed to the Antico Granaio in Monteaperti, near Siena, where the guests were already waiting for our arrival.

It was a beautiful sunny day for the wedding reception. The couple held the reception outdoors, having their first meal together as a married couple. This was the first time they were able to sit down and have a chat without interruption. It was clear that they could finally enjoy each other’s company, which had been difficult from the first morning – of the preparations. There is a certain magic in capturing a couple who share an intimate gaze. From their eyes you can tell that they are in love and it is really inspiring to see it. The photos you take are incredible – it looks like you are documenting something truly special.

These images make the viewer feel like he is there with them. The part I like most is the reportage of the lunch, since the couple themselves have also specified that they give the greatest weight to this phase of their marriage. Throughout the reception, friends of the couple took care of the environment with musical performances! Between the guitar, violin, songs and games we had fun at all times during lunch. A truly memorable and loving day!


June ’21