Wedding Photo Shoot in Siena and Monteriggioni

Wedding Photo Shoot in Siena – Piazza del Campo.

Reception at the Agriturismo Il Ciliegio in Monteriggioni.

Wedding photo shoot in Siena, Piazza del Campo. The civil wedding ceremony of S&A famous Loggia dei Nove. After the ceremony, we had a small post-ceremony service in the center of Siena. The Sienese were eager to celebrate with us and lined up the streets to honor the most important day of S&A. We were simply wandering around the center, doing our spontaneous reportage, photographing the special moments of this married couple. Travel light and go fast – that was the motto of that afternoon. Before arriving at our final location, for a reception, we also stopped in a field in front of the Monteriggioni Castle.

Immediately afterwards we headed to Agriturismo Il Ciliegio in Monteriggioni, near Siena, where the guests were already waiting for us with glasses in hand to celebrate the arrival of the couple. After dinner – pure fun! Between the dances, barefoot, on the grass and the games that the guests prepared, we did not realize how time had flown – too bad – we would need another night for sure! There is a certain magic when you are behind the camera and are able to capture a couple of exchanging glances. You can see the love in their eyes: it is raw and truly stimulating. Their photos are really fantastic and I think there is a strong love and bond between the spouses.

Oh… one particular detail – among the thousands of photos I took that day – I have not seen one without a smile! It was really fun to photograph your beautiful wedding. Aside from light and movement, the smile is the third most important ingredient!


June ’21