Wedding Photo Story in San Gimignano and the Pietra Antica

Wedding Photo Story in San Gimignano.

Reception at the Pietra Antica.

Wedding Photo Story of G&F in San Gimignano and at the Pietra Antica. The year 2021 has made it so that many weddings have concentrated precisely in the month of September, but I must admit that it is this month that the best light is available, for the newlyweds instead, that month begins to be perfect when it comes to talking. temperature – so I would say that it is my favorite month, as well as the city of San Gimignano, obviously I would never want to put Siena down!

Piazza del Duomo, while the bride and groom arrive by car and the guests wait in front of the Town Hall for an opportunity to be envied by any wedding photographer, in order to create a beautiful wedding reportage. The wedding ceremony was celebrated in Dante’s room, full of frescoes and pieces of art. I remember the very cheerful and lively ceremony, but when the rings were exchanged, happiness exploded! Upon leaving the couple, the guests went wild with the throwing of olive leaves, combs, rice and confetti – a show!

For the photographs of married couple we thought of improvising by finding photogenic places between the Piazza della Cisterna and the location – the Pietra Antica. I would say that we made the hit, finding places, like a hill of olive trees with a view of the Towers of San Gimignano. Another stop – just before arriving, in the middle of the vineyards with the sun now setting and giving us a beautiful yellowish light. The reception with an outdoor welcome in the garden and then dinner inside the villa. The bride and groom have cut out the wedding cake by the pool, with fire fountains behind it – a very original idea!


September ’21