Wedding Photography – Abbey of San Galgano and Pienza

Wedding Photography – Abbey of San Galgano.

Wedding reception – Pienza

Wedding Photography – L&G’s wedding photo reportage. This beautiful civil ceremony took place in the most spectacular Abbey in all of Tuscany, at least in my opinion. I must admit, that personally it is a special place for me, as it is very close to my home, so I come here every now and then to admire this magnificent structure. The story of San Galgano itself intrigues me a lot, so many true stories as well as legends, such as that of the Sword in the Stone.

For the preparatory phase, the couple chose the farm next door, not even 100 meters from the abbey, the “Terre di San Galgano”. Due to the restrictions imposed by the State, due to the pandemic, the guests had to be limited to only ten people, but this did not compromise the positive status of the Spouses! For the subsequent reception and photo session we moved to Pienza. Initially, as long as the sun was too high, we took some beautiful photographs between the villages of Pienza. To conclude this love story and to capture the best light, we headed to the Chapel of the Madonna di Vitaleta – Val d’Orcia Park.


September ’20