Wedding Reportage in Siena and at the Antico Granaio

Wedding Reportage in Siena – City Centre.

Reception at the Antico Granaio, Monteaperti – Siena.

Wedding Reportage in Siena, in the Palazzo Pubblico at the Loggia dei Nove by I&F. Two things I must immediately underline for this reportage, one: it was a wedding where I took multiple photographs during a wedding in 2021 and two (the reason): the energy of the spouses, the couple so passionate, full of positivity and love, that they managed to outsource in such a natural way that I couldn’t help but photograph their minimal interaction, movement, touch, gaze. In fact, despite being very tired after all day I was sorry to abandon them at the end!

What I love during the preparations are the people who assist the bride and groom during the preparations, and that day there were so many. In the room with the bride there were six bridesmaids during her dressing and this is why I love this reportage, the laughter, the jokes and the spontaneity! The ceremony, what can I say, the first glance of the groom says it all … Such a pure feeling, the emotion hampered by the wonder of the first sight of the bride, who is accompanied by her father towards her future husband.

Surely I will not be as good at writing as at telling the story with photos, but in this profession (read: passion) you are always looking for this one photo – the one that says it all – “but how much I love you!”. The post-ceremony reportage, how many stages we have covered! Among the photos in the center of Siena, the stops going towards Monteaperti and finally to the Agriturismo Montaperti, the only limit we had was the sunlight and the sunset which in the end said – enough!

We finally arrived at the Antico Granaio for the reception, where the welcome was organized outdoors on the immense green lawn, where we returned only to cut the wedding cake after dinner inside. A big thank you for a beautiful photo report!


September ’21