Wedding Reportage in Siena – City Hall and Antico Granaio

Wedding Reportage in Siena – City Hall, Piazza del Campo.

Reception at the Antico Granaio in Monteaperti.

Wedding reportage in Siena, Piazza del Campo. In particular, the civil marriage ceremony between S&A took place in the famous Loggia dei Nove. Concluded the ceremony with a strong “YES” we only had thirty minutes to take the pictures in the center of Siena. For us it was never a problem, as I love moving and candid photographs, without staying too long in one place we walked around the square capturing the precious moments of joy of a newly married couple!

For the reception, after the ceremony, we headed to the Antico Granaio di Monteaperti, near Siena, where guests could relax and listen to live music, while we dedicated ourselves, for half an hour, to the couple’s photos. post-ceremony. A very memorable day full of love. When you stand behind the camera, with your eye focused on the couple, you are able to capture certain looks and even see the pure expression of love in them – just capture it, but it’s never easy – and that’s why I love to photograph. couples in love, especially during their most important day!


June ’21