Wedding Reportage Photographs in Sovicille and Valle Chiara

Wedding Reportage Photographs in Sovicille.

Reception at theValle Chiara, Siena.

Wedding Reportage Photographs of V&M in Sovicille, at the Pieve di San Giovanni Battista. The reportage of a religious wedding celebration in the Romanesque parish church, ten kilometers from Siena. Personally, this place is very close to my heart, since it is just a stone’s throw from my house, in fact I pass there almost every day! Finally I was lucky to have my photo shoot here for the first time and all thanks to the newlyweds who chose this magical place.

It was a very busy day, between the homes of the newlyweds and all the places we visited to take pictures, covering many kilometers I would say that it is one of the most complete wedding reportages of 2021, with many different panoramas and scenes, so I would say it was worth it. worth it!

After the preparations for the newlyweds, we arrived at the ceremony, where the Bride arrives on horseback, a twist for all the guests, a truly fabulous entrance. After the ceremony, we used a large space around the church and the horse for a very quick reportage of the newlyweds. We left for Monteriggioni, while the guests headed for their second stop for the reception. The olive trees and immense green field in front of the Castle always provide a fantastic image for couple photographs.

Even if, as a wedding photographer, I believe that the most important thing is the position of the sun to get the best result, this is just one of the technical aspects, the real difference is made by the spouses themselves – and what to say, in the case of V&M I think who were born to make this reportage!


July ’21